I'm a person! I-I-my name is Brandon Bolt. Pain hurts me. I draw for a living! No joke. How long? Seven years. A little more , maybe. I'm not joking! Why do you think I'm joking? I'm totally not joking. Six of them were full-time at a place called Voyager Expanded Learning, and I've been freelancing for about a year now, hence the new website.

My full-time job having been what it was, most of my professional illustrations have an educational, kid-oriented angle, but I specialize in cartoons for any occasion. I adapt swiftly to new circumstances, which may be a product of my fancy liberal-arts edcuation, or maybe it's just survivability; I can't really tell anymore.

I've gotten to draw dogs, cats, birds, firemen, doctors, astronauts, velociraptors, goddesses, talking clams, talking lungs, boneless children, and there was that one time they had me do a picture of some guy getting tarred and feathered. That's just the stuff I've been paid for! We won't go into what's in my high school notebooks. Everyone will be better off, trust me.

You can see some not so strictly work-related things I make at the fun section of my website. Click there while I make my getaway.

I...yeah. I wasn't supposed to say that.